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Report - Birkenhead Town Railway Station & Tunnels - March 2013


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My second report... - After a well received first report... Here Goes...

A History of Birkenhead Town Station
Birkenhead Town station was opened on 1 January 1889 by the Joint Committee of the Chester and Birkenhead Railway, administered by the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) and the Great Western Railway (GWR). It was built to accommodate the nearby commercial centre of Birkenhead.

The line, which travelled through the station, bore trains from Birkenhead Woodside to London Paddington, meaning that not all trains stopped at Birkenhead Town. Mainly local trains from Woodside to West Kirby, Chester, Warrington and North Wales served the station.

The development of the Queensway tunnel in 1934 resulted in the station becoming cut off from reasonable access to the town's market area and the residential district near Birkenhead Priory. Birkenhead Town station closed on 7 May 1945, although the line continued in use until 1967 when Birkenhead Woodside closed.

As of 2013, the tunnels (now partially infilled) and securly fenced, the site of the station still exists. However, the area is now enclosed between the approach roads to the Queensway road tunnel entrance, which were redesigned and extended in the 1960s.

The Images

01 - The original Building, Exterior

02 - The original platform

03 - Late 70's after closure

04 - The Remaining outside bulding hidden behind modern day signs

05 - All that remains on the interior of the original station building

06 - Standing above the tunnel leading to Woodside looking into the mouth of the Priory Freight Tunnel

07 - Into the tunnel that leads to Woodside

08 - as you get further in the tunnel changes into a tube

09 - A wheel Chair deep inside

10 - And a Boot

11 - A water source or Drain....???

12 - Cracks in the floor.

The Explore
The first time ever (never not for trying) of me getting into this tunnel, not thinking I could get access I didn't have any sort of light but my Flash gun & mini Mag light however after finding a way in, i wasn't travelling back for the extra kit, so I managed with what I had to hand. (SLR 40D + Flashgun & Canon 1000D, Mini Mag light & Mobile phone light)

Visited with a non Member and I don't know how long these will be accessible for due to the high metal bars and steel panels, so if you can get there... do...!

Thanks for looking and here's hoping you enjoyed my second report :)​
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