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Report - Blood Creek, Stoke-On-Trent, May 2018


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Hi all,

this is my first report ive written on this website I will keep it short.

So me and a friend have been talking about doing this for some time. We decided now was the right time with there being very little rain fall in the past few days.

We spent about 2 hours walking once we had gained access, for the first half hour or so the drain was very plain with the odd ladder leading up to a man hole.

After carrying on walking the drain started to get smaller in size, still plenty big enough to stand up straight but what was apparent was the bottom of the drain
was all corroded and you could put your foot through it very easily, it was very sharp and extremely slippery so it was a accident waiting to happen hahaha.

The first true landmark was a small opening with a few ladders going up to the road above this seemed like it had taken a while to get too with a fairly
strong current of water we were walking against.

The second landmark we got to was another opening, and a chance to get out of the water Was where the sewer crosses the drain over head, there was a
few more ladders in the room and the drain carried on further again getting smaller in size.

This is where we turned back around and made our way out, i have seen pictures of the slide and a processing room witch i wish to get too on my next visit!

Apologies my pictures were very poor and next time i hope to get some better shots!





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Not bad for your first report, persevere with your photos. Look forward to seeing more from you.

Good to see more people going in drains too :thumb
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Good stuff

You're not far off the slide and poo processor so get back in there
Down Below is nearby and worth a visit


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I'd say that's alright for a first report. Keep practising with yer photo's you'll get there. I've not seen this one before - the corrugated metal looks great against the rusty coloured water

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