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  1. parky_prick_maestro

    Report - Inhospitable/The Works - 01/10/2023 - Manchester

    Inhospitable + The Works (explored with @Ojay , @MartyZero and a non-member) Inhospitable is a (as the crow flies) 1 and a half kilometer long culvert on the Moss Brook. This drain includes a peculiar feature, called The Works (you will see why its called that soon). The Explore We got to the...
  2. parky_prick_maestro

    Report - Worsley Brook (Old Worsley) - Manchester - 09/07/23

    Old Worsley Explored/Photographed with @Ojay and @MartyZero To start off this was quite a rushed and dramatic explore, certainly one of the more mission impossible type explores with the unpredictable weather this month! Photos are mainly by @Ojay and @MartyZero and screen grabs from footage I...
  3. S

    Storm drain warrington 03/2022

    Storm Drain Warrington March 2022 I previous saw this on a post and “needed” to explore this one! It some some time to find the entrance after clambering over banks we came to the grid which was half taken off. We didn’t take the opposite half away and instead chose to clamber down which was...
  4. Wastelandr

    Report - River Ravensbourne & East Branch Culverts, March 2021

    The History Most of this drain was covered likely in the post-war period along much of its length, and was created from the historic river which runs all the way to the River Thames. Originally it was a ditch running through fields, as much of greater London was surprisingly once rural in...
  5. Llama

    Report - Clapham Storm Releif & South Western Storm Sewer, London - November 2020

    History: Clapham Storm Relief, or more commonly dubbed "Lucky Charms Drain" makes up just one of the many underground sewer networks across the capital, and was constructed during the late 1800s. During the 19th century, Sir Joseph Bazalgette designed the modern-day sewer system, in response to...
  6. chills

    Report - Markeaton Interceptor AKA Flo Selecta, Derby, February 2019

    History: The Markeaton Brook is an 11-mile-long (17 km) tributary of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, England. The brook rises from its source south of Hulland Ward, and flows for most of its length through the countryside north-west of Derby before entering a culvert to the north of the city...
  7. BullyMong

    Report - Down Below, Stoke-On-Trent, July 2018

    Hi guys, i haven't seen a report written on this for a while so here we go. 'Down below' is a storm relief drain found just down the Fowlea brook in stoke, finding it was fairly easy after a bit of trial and error and a bit of map work So off we went over a bridge into the brook and after a...
  8. BullyMong

    Report - Blood Creek, Stoke-On-Trent, May 2018

    Hi all, this is my first report ive written on this website I will keep it short. So me and a friend have been talking about doing this for some time. We decided now was the right time with there being very little rain fall in the past few days. We spent about 2 hours walking once we had...
  9. tarkovsky

    Report - Time Machine, Ramsey, Feb 2018

    Time Machine is a culverted section of the High Lode that runs under Ramsey, named after the fact that this culvert was originally also the location of some underground mechanism that powered the town clock in the street above. Here’s a couple of pics of the clock, taken on my trudge back to...
  10. Seffy

    Report - Shedload, Bristol - Feb 2018

    Shedload (a.k.a a big ol detention tank), Bristol So first off I should say that this isn’t exactly an ‘ep1c’ or anything, don’t get me wrong. It is, however, something that has been a bit of a thing of conversation over the years as far as talks of Bristol underground go. The only...