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Report - Bluebell Railway - 2007

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Visited here with jackal.
After driving past the sign for this place on the way back from park prewett we thought we would come back and check it out.
After gaining access we headed for the main station to find a warehouse built alongside the tracks .Entering this for the first time is quite something as there is seven or more huge steam engines resting in there ,im no train spotter but i couldnt help getting a little excited :gay.
After playing in the warehouse we moved back on to the station and across the tracks to the pump house for a quick look.

This places is not the most relaxed exsplore as it is a live sight, and there are lights with sensors everywhere and a few camaras thrown in.
Theres also, we think a security presence as we could here his 4x4 driving round the museum ,add this to the pissing hard rain and wind and it made for not great picture taking so ill apologise now.

on the bridge

inside the warehouse

in the engine



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