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Report - - Boddington's Brewery and Mayfield Station - 04/02/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Boddington's Brewery and Mayfield Station - 04/02/07

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Myself, Pigsk8s, samyfy, Dooby and Cushion_Boy all decided to go for a wander to Manchester (with a crappy video-still camera as I couldn't find the Minolta) - we lied to you guys, sorry! However we did what no-one else could...


We all met up on the train as it came into Bolton at some bloody ridiculous hour of the morning - times we are not accustomed to. So, we all jumped on the train to Victoria and after we pulled in - and after the obligatory trip to the shop for cigs, we were on our way to Boddingtons. After a bit of a faf ("What makes you think I can climb that f**cking wall?") we were in, and we were off.

After a long time just poking around and doing the Ghostbusters act


And finding this little delight


We decided to go down into the cellars - a wise decision no less. After a short spell in a kitchen (where we found some truly ancient beer - really, really old and a potential health hazard, we didn't open it) with some seriously intact glasses


We hit paydirt - the strangely enticing lab beers.


One of the more unscrupulous of our number (who will not be named) found a bottle opener and cracked one of these open. Apparently it tasted rather sweet and strange, however the clip round the head he received from yours truly persuaded him it probably wasn't as good as he thought. We then proceeded to explore a room oddly full of fire

extinguishers - very creepy.

Moving out of there (rather swiftly, and at my request might I add) we went further down the building and into the loading dock, where we caught our first glimpse of outsiders, and nearly they of us. This is one area in which you should exercise caution, as there are a boat load of passers-by at any one time.

Moving still further down, we found what we assume to be the drivers' shift room, because of the showers, the empty cig packets and er, the pornography


Which sadly wasn't as intact as the 2005 copy of the Daily Sport we found in the offices.

After that, it was back up the stairs to the brewing rooms, with this cracking shot out of the window


Up and up we continued, until we found these (confusing contraptions which I have no idea about but no doubt the more hardened drinkers amongst the membership will :D) and decided we wanted a quick backlit group photo for the fun of it.


Another few pointless hours of wandering later we decided to go for a wander across into the other building along the rickety rickety bridge


And then out, seeing as there was bugger all in there except bird shit, and off to Mayfield.


After a good half hour of searching and cursing, we took the age old route to finding something - asked a copper :D

he told us exactly where we were going and even said he'd escort us in case there were chavs there after I spouted something about socioeconomic development and schoolwork :D

After a bit of farting about getting in, we walked up to the top and had a quick look around. Being the posers we are, we just couldn't resist this one


samyfy and Pig decided to play "What's-behind-this-big-board-I-don't-know-let's-climb-in-and-get-stuck"


And farted us all round for a good twenty minutes trying to get them out. All except me that is. I was busy playing with my climbing rig and trying to find a good spot, alas there was but one and my ropes were sadly not long enough.

The camera was passed over to Dooby whilst I was mucking around with my harness, and he and samyfy went through a piece of fencing and went for a toddle looking out the windows



Alas, the time came for us to go home. Off to Picadilly we wandered, happy as lambs. It was then that the tiredness set in. We could not even move the whole journey back to Bolton!


All in all, not too bad as a first "proper" urbex as far as we were concerned. Boddington's is DEFINITELY worth a visit.
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