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Report - Bombardier Litchurch Lane Works, Derby - 2009


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Bombardier Transportation is a rail technology manufacturer and part of the Canada based multinational corporation of the same name. In the UK they operate a single train manufacturing plant in Derby, which is also the only locomotive works still in operation in Britain.


Derby's rail history is extensive and probably will fill about 8 paragraphs (I just did before deleting it all). Railways came to Derby, Railway companies merged, Railway company built big factories in Derby. London Midland Scottish, British Rail, BREL... sold to foreigners and scaled down.

Story of British Industry really :)

Either way Bombardier seems to be doing well at the minute, it's had some huge contracts including London Underground, Gautrain (a South African railway) as well as numerous refurbs.

I was walking past one day and noticed how relatively easy it was to get inside.... if you had the right clothing. I came back a few days later and decided to take a closer look.


With 2000 people working here, I didn't want to take the mick too much so tried not to get in the way of people working... well apart from when one gentleman was kind enough to stop towing a carriage of a brand new Class 378 to allow me to pass :gay

I tend to just walk around randomly whenever I'm back in Derby... it's like a big playground. I need to get more photos too :)


A 221 following rebranding for XC trains...



There's always time for a pano...