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Report - - Bradford Odeon - 23/01/07 | Theatres and Cinemas |

Report - Bradford Odeon - 23/01/07

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Well, Here we go! :D This has been a long time coming. We (myself & torchboy) did the Bradford Odeon late last year but before I posted the pictures I wanted to give them to a group who are trying to save the building so that they could use them for publicity first and help them save the building. They had no idea where the photo's came from I just sent a CD to one of the guy's :D And a couple of weeks later it was all over the local papers and the BBC website!!

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BBC - Bradford and West Yorkshire - Features - Inside Bradford's Odeon!

I hope it helps them cos I'd love to see the building back in use :)

This building is massive it originally seated 3,318 people in the auditorium, it had a full restaurant, a ballroom and a cafe! and now our stupid council and unelected regeneration company want to demolish it and put up flats and appartments :mad: :crazy

I went to this cinema loads when it was open and always wanted to see what it was like inside 6 years after it closed. It is unbeliveable inside, hardly any vandalisim apart from the drainpipes taken away from inside the building :confused: very sus I think.

getting in was Horrendously difficult, let's leave it at that!

No power inside and it was pitch black couldn't see a thing :eek:

anyway here's some pictures I hope you like em.




Odeon 1


Odeon 1


The massive Odeon 2


The old ballroom. This became Odeon 3


Above Odeon 3. This is the ballroom ceiling


and again



Looking out at the Alhambra theatre


The original circle front in a void between the bingo below and the 2 big cinemas above.


Myself and Torchboy!



Re: Bradford Odeon REPORT!

Isn't it so they can put some wondrous modern lighting and sprinklers in? It's the same as a lot of hospitals, there are some great details hiding behind false ceilings, though the last false ceiling I looked behind had plasterboard under it.:gay

Like most cinemas, it was originally built with just one screen, typically having anything from 500 up to 2,000 seats. With the decline in cinema going, these massive spaces were attracting audiences of 50 people or less, so cinema owners like the Rank Organisation (owners of Odeon) decided to make better use of them by subdividing the original screen into 4 or 5 smaller screens, usually by a process known as 'dropwalling', whereby the new screens would be created inside the existing auditorium using partition walling, in effect like sticking a number of smaller boxes inside one big one.

The downside of this process was that all the original decorative features of the cinema tended to be covered up. The positive side to it was that it also tended to ensure that the decorative features were preserved, albeit hidden. Some cinemas, like the Odeon Leicester Square, were renovated 'properly' and, in the process, were stripped of all their original decoration permanently.