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Report - Bramshall Tunnel - Staffordshire. August 2020.

Doug Judy

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First post in awhile..
Bromshall Tunnel.

The 321yard Bromshall Tunnel although sometimes known as Bramshall Tunnel or Loxley Tunnel due to its close proximity to these respective villages, Opened in 1867 for the North Staffordshire & Uttoxeter Railway, The branch line ran from Stafford (Grand Junction) in the south to Uttoxeter (Bromshall Junction) in the north, General traffic started in December 1867, In 1879 during pre-grouping Great Northern Railway took over the operations enabling much needed funding 1923 came and ownership now fell to London & North Eastern Railway and finally the line became profitable with holidaymakers visiting the area from further afield the last through trains finished on the 5th March 1951 with just MOD traffic using the branch as far as RAF Stafford, the last recorded passenger train traversed the branch in November 1957 albeit a special charter, And finally the short stub into the RAF base at Stafford which the line served was removed in 1975 bringing the lines use to a end.

Bramshall Tunnel has been infilled and totally blocked at its northern end and due to the falling gradient the tunnel is now prone to flooding and standing water, the tunnel is of horseshoe shape and mainly constructed from brick, with some decorative stone work visible on the southern portal, refuges are inserted into both side walls and are of varying construction, maintenance of the tunnel now remains with the Historical Railways Estate who know this structure as SUX/4A as it supports a section of the A518 which passes above, The tunnel is in good condition despite the flooding although access is tricky... #WetWilly :p the water at the most northern point was about 4ft deep.... and looks like during high rainfall it maybe 5/6ft!!
Anyway hope you enjoy looking as much as we enjoyed exploring this one!


^^30 Yards in looking North.

^^270 Yards in with the Northern Block Visible.

^^220 Yards in looking South.

^^240 Yards in looking South towards the Light!

^^Refuge #1

^^Reflecting Upon the Explore.

^^Looking north just over mid way.

^^210 Yards in, Southward facing.

^^ Did our best to allow the water to settle.

^^Refuge #2

^^ Natural Light.

^*150yards facing South.

^^A couple refuges had wooden lintels,

^^Refuge #3

^^90yards in from south end.

Refuge #4

Light at the end...

Southern Portal.

Thanks All!
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Doug Judy

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28DL Full Member
Loving that shape of the tunnel too, a cracking set and well lit.
Thanks Dave! Yes a very pleasing explore this one, easy to find just off the A518 and provided you don’t mind get your feet wet or you’ve got waders then easy going inside water is totally clear until it’s disturbed in which case goes very murky! I made the error of walking all the way to the northern end then working back taking pics I think if I returned I’d start from the southern end and work north in the hope the water stays clear! Thanks for your message.

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