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Information - Bristol Summer Meet - 25th July


Fear is the little death
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Due to the conflict with the roping weekend, @Seffy is proposing to change the date of the meet to two weeks later; weekend of the 25th.

How does this work for people?

Bertie Bollockbrains

There is no pain
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25th is fine by me. I should by then have completed the ultra marathon that I had on the 11th

But now i guessing that news of me turning up will cause everyone else to drop out which is the story of my life and I have no idea why :-(


rebmeM LD82
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You know this clashes with the Rope weekend.

If it was another date I'd be there (Like say the 25/26th July) hint hint.


rebmeM LD82
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That's the new proposed date which is also good for me.
Didn'tsee the posts at the end of this thread when I posted my reply, doh!

I shall be expecting some warm hospitality from the Bristol crew, I've never been to Bristol before!


Bally up!
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Hmm, picking this date is proving to be difficult! Is the general census to go for the 25th then? Could always look at other dates, but gonna be getting later and later obviously...

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