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Report - British Extraction Ltd, Hull - Sept 09


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'Roger is Jolly' I say again 'Roger is Jolly'

Well - time to start the team trips again, summer has gone (sort of) and I wanted some daytime shorts of the warehouse skateboard floors

So off four entrepid humber rumblers went

The rinky kinky flooring


rusting socket

the stairs down

more yellow pillars

extreme ironing anyone ?

its a gas

'better to display your ugliness, than to hide your ignorance'
how true

Team shot - with roger in full flow

We'd had enough of the roof, and were just about to go take some silo shots when we were paid a visit. Normally when Chauffeur and I explore, its usually the plod copter thats overhead - this time we had a grandstand view of the red arrows :D




we was soooooo close, I took this wif me 10 mil !

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