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Report - British Sugar, York - 01/08

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Me and Dempsey have been waiting for this one for what seems like forever. Dempsey more so, since the closure was announced I think before I even started exploring! It finally closed at the start of this year so we met with Tims a few days ago to try it during the day. Unfortunately we had a rather close call (or 3) so we decided to go back when it would be more quiet. Good choice, and we spent over 3 hours exploring and taking photos. I prefer night time anyways :p

It was a really cool chilled out explore in the end, and really strange atmosphere. All the machines still had power and it felt like you could just push a button and start it all up again if you wanted! There were quite a few areas still emitting various hums and hisses to add to the fun. Really can't wait to back and see more!

As we wandered round the site I constantly complained that all my photos were coming out shit. Well when I got them on the PC I was actually really pleased and now I am struggling to decide which ones to post. Hmm sorry if there's a few too many but I can't choose :gay

Life wouldn't be worth living if it wasn't for reflection shots!

This was one of the older buildings. It was quite a cool contrast between the old brick and the brand new steel structure.


We climbed up the main chimney. The climb wasn't as long as I was expecting, but still extremely dusty and cramped. The view from the top was good but it was too cold to spend too long up there. Most of my shots also came out blurry thanks to the wind.

One of the three silos, currently unconquered, but the chimney was quite a bit taller anyway



Dunno what this area is for. It absolutely stank of red wine but we refrained from drinking whatever it was covering the surfaces. It looked like iodine?

There was plenty of photogenic wet floor signs lurking around. It really added to the atmosphere of place, I kept half expecting the place to suddenly burst into life with workers

This is the "spaceship". The central control hub for the main factory. Inside there were large arrays of computer screens, all still active, displaying various machine outputs.

Another one of the factory floors, a complete maze of walkways and belt lines

There were two of these large turning drums. Not sure what they used to be used for, I really should find out. Another room housed a gigantic one about 4 times the size but I didn't get a photo of it


And some more walkway shots, sorry I went a bit mental with the cam :)


Again cheers to Dempsey for some good recce work and Tims for driving around!


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Re: British Sugar, York - Report - 01/08

another quality report.

The red wine stuff is the 'raw' sugar! i belive they call it 'molassas' or something. Basicly during campaign (sept-feb) the factory runs 24/7 and makes the raw sugar when the beet is in season, then in the summer time the plant partialy shuts down and the raw stuff is refined into the white stuff!

The big rolly drum things are essentialy where they 'cook' it i think, theres proabably a big boiler/oven thing nearby, i know the one at ipswich was coal fired, hence the chimney.

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