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Report - - British sugar - York. Final visit? 11/10/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - British sugar - York. Final visit? 11/10/08

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The Human Turbine.
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Well, i had to bite the bullet! It was either me crying when York sugar is a mass of rubble and steel, or getting back into UE good and proper! I took the latter.

An early start, as i wanted to use the route in, under twilight. As soon as i was over the fence, a silhouette appeared from where i had just came, thankfully it was one man and his dog, totally oblivious to me sitting in a gunky ditch, great start! I thought.

I could see how much of the plant had being demo'd since last time, I was too eager to get in and not miss this chance, crossing one of the perimeter roads in the open, i realize the security guard is getting into his car, so its flat onto the ground behind a chunk of steel, thankfully he didn't clock me, no more than 4 feet from his car, no sooner am i across the road, the guy is back. I fathomed that the two security guards (at either end of the site) have an exchange of sort, or just a natter. Eventually I'm up into the first floor ... i didn't want any close shaves like the first time!

The big tube thing was some sort of 'musher' for the raw beet. unfortunately i couldnt get that far up as it was right outside one of the security cabins.

The offices are totally stripped and bare of windows.

Chugging through some bits and pieces i hear a roar of an engine. 'F**k they have got one of the demo machines on the go', i leg it back out. But half way across the open ground i have a re-think and dive back into the sugar monster, they were only warming it up anyway, surely they don't have demo crews on Saturday's, i thought.

Its strange seeing the plant in daylight, especially places like 'the spaceship' which is now stripped of computers ad strewn with litter. This was getting better though... Opening a door i was stood in a big part of the plant i hadn't seen before, the power plant of the factory, all of the furnaces and generators. Its a great place to climb about in, and it got my mind thinking about taking photographs.

Old workers confectionery

Pipes n stuff

To the left of this picture was a rather large Alternator, currently being dismantled; a massive task.

Tools and junk are all over place, it reminded me of Yorkshire chems in Leeds, a lot.



I hear voices and the reminiscent sound of my own heart beat is there in my ears, the guys disappear, and its back to normal. Again I'm up on a gantry, and the voices appear beneath my feet, 2 guys talking about how they are going to dismantle a piece of machinery, i could see if they had Grey hairs through the mesh! After much talking and rummaging about, i took my chance when they had their backs turned, and carried on my explore, somewhere else.

The Furnace area was alive with dust and having a chesty cough with no water, i snotted all over someones fleece which was hanging on a door, TBH no one was going to use it, it was soaked. That was a relief, it had being stuck up there for the past two hours, not being able to get rid of it because of the noise it would make!


Up at the top of the plant, a screech of tracks and i begin to think the worst! They were beginning to get on with the demo, from one of the conversations i heard, this was at least a 6 day week for the demo teams working until 7 at night!

I depart down backtracking (very slowly as i wanted a few pictures here and there) dodging the voices and out of the plant i go, a somewhat satisfied 4 hours later.


The pictures are a bit 'dodgy' and sparce, as it was like learning to ride a bike again, on a minefield, but after half an hour i started seeing photos, if you get me.


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