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Report - BT Radio Bodmin, June 2016


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So first report in a long time. Have been driving past this place almost daily for about a month, finally got round to checking it out.

Opened in 1926 as a beam transmitter (originally to Canada!) station then transferred to HF broadcast sometime in the 60's. Out of use since 2002 it narrowly missed demolition when the new a390 was built. Security would have been tight in its time, that fence means business and you can see the remnants of a high end security system.

It's been gutted inside, but has suffered very little vandalism and is a good mooch if you're close. The amount of emergency ambulance call buttons is insane, they really are everywhere. All shot freehand at ISO800 as my tripod broke the moment I opened it!

















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Nice find! I'm in Bodmin in a couple of months so I'll make a point of check it out.

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Just to expand on the history a bit, if I may, it's a very significant site....

Bodmin is a highly important site in the history of radio. It was the first of Marconi's Short Wave Beam stations, opening for traffic in 1926.

"British Telecom’s Bodmin Radio Station is the oldest short-wave radio station in the world ands also the site of the first of the Dominion Beam wireless radio stations, transmitting to Canada, South Africa and Australia under the GPO. Marconi was directly involved in the setting up of the Bodmin Radio Station which opened to traffic on Monday 25 October 1926, when he handed control over to the Post Office from the Marconi Company Limited. Beam wireless stations undermined the Dominion’s privately owned submarine cable companies - to avoid their collapse a merger of the cable companies and wireless stations took place in 1929, forming Cable and Wireless Limited. In 1929, Bodmin relayed a thanksgiving service from Westminster Abbey to celebrate King George V’s recovery from illness.

Since 1947, Bodmin Radio has carried high frequency services for the Admiralty operated from Whitehall to naval ships and bases abroad. In the 1980’s, for several years, it served the Cabinet Office with the Moscow direct ‘hot line’ service until it was transferred on to satellite. Bodmin Radio closed officially at midnight on 31 March 2002 and attention is now being focused on its future."

I've driven past this place a hundred times, and always thought it was a secure exchange or something. If I'd only have searched online just once.


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Thanks for the comments. Yeah I saw that bit of history OT, quite an interesting site. Shame the antennas and the bases are gone.


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Sorry for the bump from the grave but I was just wondering if this place is still standing? Looks like a good explore!

Great Pictures.


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Still standing, but security has gone through the roof. Pretty sure access is now gone and CCTV is up.


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28DL Full Member
Can anyone tell me why there are Ambulance call out buttons around the site? That’s one thing I can’t get my head round.

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