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Report - - Buile hill mansion - mining museum - Salford/Manchester | Underground Sites |

Report - Buile hill mansion - mining museum - Salford/Manchester

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28DL Member
My first post!
This is a difficult one to get around, as the place only seems to have one access point that opens up from time to time. The Buile hill mansion used to be a mining museum just before it closed almost 20 years ago, so I thought it would be pretty cool to check out a piece of history that has been abandoned and neglected by the council.
The mine is quite bare, there are a few interesting things to see such as the old boiler, collapsed elevator and the old mine cart tracks but there's hardly anything left down there.
As for upstairs, there's really no point. The place is full of sensors which are around every corner, meaning walking around on the upper floors is mostly useless. As much as I would like to check more of this place out, there's no way of doing it without eventually being caught.
As I left and sat down in the garden to take a quick rest before leaving. Surprisingly a member of the Buile hill mansion association came into the garden to inspect the building and we had a discussion about the place itself (pretty cool guy honestly). He says there are some pretty big plans for the place. So if you want to check it out I recommend you do it sooner rather than later!
Ps. I don't think he saw the access point so I believe you can still go inside.

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