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Report - "Bunker" Drain

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Visited with Little Elvis and Alias and meeting up with a kitted out Oxygen Thief at the end.

This drain is very very clean and has wildlife in such as frogs and apparently eels!. Sadly it is concrete so doesn't look to good but the junctions and stairs etc make up for it.

Down we went into the "bunker", it looked awesome with light filtering in from the holes in the wall it was cool. We first noticed frogs everywhere at this time and had to step over each one some even getting some loving with each other.

Off we went down a very American tunnel with a walkway along the side a bit further on and we saw the R.A.E.L tag in the distance. Ive been wanting to see this section for ages after seeing a pic of it. It looked huuuugggeeee. Well major disappointment as it wasn't. Not saying it wasn't cool but i think i had my hopes far to high which kind of ruined it.

Off we went again meeting up with*****who was just chilling out having a swim :) and continued on to several sets of stairs getting slightly bigger each time until we came to a round junction with two pipes coming in. At this time sadly we had run out of time so couldn't continue and had to head out. A few pics of the stairs and what not and we left. And hung outside in the glorious sunshine until OT arrived!.

A few pics








Was a really cool drain very different to the ones in London.
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