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Report - - Burton Joyce ROC Post, Nottinghamshire Group 16/3/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Burton Joyce ROC Post, Nottinghamshire Group 16/3/08

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I was browsing the ROC post section of the forum last night and came across this one.

Looked on Subbrit and got the OS grid ref, then onto the OS site to see where it was, then onto flashearth to get a better look. I wasn't sure if I was looking in the right place so a PM was dispatched, reply pointed out the right area so thanks for that :thumb

I definately chose the side for my approach, uphill over a muddy field on foot, the other way would definately have been better :banghead

From the info on Subbrit and in the PM, I found it easily enough. I first caught sight of it, I was pretty excited as I've never been to an ROC post before.

It wasn't a completely wasted visit....


Only one padlock compared to the two of previous visits by Turk and Mark R. There was a brick on the floor that looked like it had been used to smash the missing lock off.

This was on the floor next to the hatch is it part of the post?


The pics maybe a bit blurred, but my camera battery went after 15 photo's at another explore:( So had to use phone.