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Report - Byker Culvert, Newcastle upon Tyne - 2017.


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It's been a while since I stuck anything drain related up..

Some time ago myself and @siologen ended up in the North East looking at stuff, we ended up killing a bit of time in here and actually found it fairly interesting for such a small culvert

The majority of the 'Drain' is dry as the tunnel is disected, with the Ouseburn running below via a sizeable concrete box, with a trunk sewer occupying either side, the upper section once served as an Air raid shelter

The thing is, you'd never know this looking at previous reports as nobody had bothered to actually don some gum boots and explore the place properly, so Siologen and my good self set about putting that straight
Work began in 1906 to construct a section of culvert to carry the Ouseburn underneath the suburb of Heaton. A total length of 2150 ft and built at a cost of £23,000

It's impressive 9m wide 6m high elliptical steel re-inforced tunnel was/is home to the Ouseburn, the upper section utilised as WW2 shelter which could seat up to 3000 people

Today it still carries the local trunk sewer alongside the Ouseburn

For many years people claimed the Biker culvert re-emerged under Byker Bridge when infact it's actually the Ouseburn viaduct (I'm a stickler for detail)

The low Arch which serves the outfall is actually the James & Co Bridge built to their lead Works in 1801

The remains of the shelter, hence the lack of water, the puddle being the most people actually get to a drain here :p


The elliptical ferro-concrete conduit remains intact throughout


DSC_7567 a.jpg

The place has been fairly graffed up over the years, with disabled access allowing every man and his dog to wander about in here



Including a rave back in March 2017, how irresponsible :brew


A good way in, an opening in the split level conduit allows a quick glimpse of the Ouseburn below


I've never understood why nobody bothers to bash upstream below here, so maybe we should bother


Here, a sewer thrown in for good measure

I did take a pic from below as Siologen looked on, but for some reason I can't find it so this will have to do for now..


The end is a shaft beyond the graff to a split lid in the woods on the boundary of Heaton Park ;)


And finally the outfall section of the Culvert below the railway viaduct


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Looks a nice Sunday stroll :D

Davey Ste

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Hey. I wanted to ask if this is safe to go in? Like, are there any risks of it getting flooded or such? I went in the other day but we ran out as out breathing begain to toughen and the air felt thing.


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Good stuff mate yet again . Spotted ideal job for you on Scottish water site it was for underground and sub terreanial inspection engineer . Win win you get to do what you love& get paid for it .

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