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Report - - C.W. Cuff Motor Parts & Salvage, Norwich - June 2019 | Industrial Sites |

Report - C.W. Cuff Motor Parts & Salvage, Norwich - June 2019

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So this is a pretty interesting one, and though, sadly I wasn't able to get into the house/main building it still proved to be a really fascinating explore, full of unusual bits and trinkets in amidst the debris.

I hadn't realised this until writing the report, but the house part of this site has been boarded up and derelict a long, long time. Looking on Google Maps at the earliest view available, from 2008, reveals that although the grounds are in use as a salvage yard, the house is still boarded up:


Since this time, it seems the place slowly closed down and moved to an industrial estate near Norwich Airport. A lot of this estate has since become derelict too, so it's possible the second salvage yard site is derelict too! I need to check this out and see what I can find. I've tried to do some explores on the largely deserted industrial estate but so far I've been foiled by still functioning burglar alarms... plan to have another stab at it sometime soon though.

It appears that this orginal site was still in use in some way or form up until 2018, judging by a newspaper I found dated to that time. However, it's possible this was left behind by someone doing some demolition/clearing work.

As of today, the original C.W. Cuff site has been fenced off with tall metal fencing and a lot of the grounds have been prepared for demolition/rebuiliding work. The house itself still stands - I think potentially some demolition has started but I'm not sure, and I plan to have one last revisit within the next few days to see if it's possible to get inside before being gutted or pulled down. From what I was able to see through the windows, I think there's a hoard of old stuff inside.

Here's the photos I took back in June when I gave the place a proper explore. I returned a month or two later to try and access the house but I still wasn't able to find a way inside.








The very high-tech security method!










These old 1960s car seats were fantastic, and I really wanted to take them, clean them up and turn them into chairs but... well, we all know the rules, right?





I looked up this registration. It belonged to a Mark 1 Ford Escort!






Inside the house, viewed from one of the uncovered windows.

Here's hoping I can gain access to the house for a few last photos and to see what vintage treasures it might still contain before the place is inevitably gone for good, as clearly some work has started to redevelop the site.
Fingers crossed, and if I do, I'll likely create a follow-up report!


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The site has got planning for 36 Dwellings, May 2017

Seems like classic planning hell, then. And the renovation work started seems to be lacklustre at best so I get the feeling this place is going stay undeveloped a while longer!


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28DL Full Member
As it was a Vehicle reycling site, it will have ground contamination to clean up
It may have been one for a long time, so the cost of clean up could exceed the value of the site, although you'd normally expect to see holes where ground samples have been taken.


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Hmm, well the ground had definitely been dug up and moved about in places, so I'd say it's likely that those samples had been taken, then.
It's in a pretty desirable area of Norwich so I'd say that even with cleanup costs, once they've developed it they definitely stand to make their money back. I just wonder if they're going to keep the old house or just flatten it, as it's strange that it's been left standing whilst the area around it has been cleared.


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Drove past the site today and this is how it looks:-

The boards are off but the place seems to have been gutted. The rest of the land has been bulldozed.

Looks like this one's a goner - just one for posterity only.

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