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Report - Caerwent USAF/MOD Training ground



I have been lurking here a while and noticed that a few people have tried to get a look in The Caerwent MOD/USAF Base.
Well I have been in today! I am a rally Marshall and get access to this base a few times a year and have had a little wander around but never taken any pics. Inspired by this site I took some today. Sorry about the pic quality as they were taken on my phone, there is a strict no photography rule on the base and I didn't want to take the piss out of my privileged position too much by taking a big camera!
The following pics were taken in and around a small area of the base and there is a hell of a lot more to see. Various building in varying states of repair. The system used by the squaddies on the base while training is, smiley face on the building, do not damage, Cross on the building, do what the hell you like! Most of the crossed building have holes in the walls or large chunks demolished and you need to be careful. The Smilie buildings are in pretty good shape, the open accessable ones are mainly clean and dry but with the odd broken window but most buildings are stripped of all fixtures and fittings.
There are a small number of buildings on the base that are rented to civvies for document and bulk storage, a number of these are easy to get into and have things like accounts for the hilton hotels etc stored in them, others have odd things like racks of clothing. I didn't find any of these such buildings today but have done on previous visits.
Access to the base is pretty difficult unless you are a rally marshal but that can be arranged in the future!
Anyway, enjoy these pics, not bad for my first report I dont think! If you want to know more about the site I found a great writ up here, telling me a lot more than I already knew about the place. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Navy_Propellant_Factory,_Caerwent

This is inside the first building, the holes in the floor look like they used to house some big machines, god knows what though!



Same building but lower floor

The entrance to one of the many bunkers, most of which are open

Inside a bunker, sorry for the phone pic but you can make out the benches either side, all the bunkers I looked in were the same as this one

You will never guess what this brick was there for

It was holding the peice of cardboard over the hole in the window! Why didn't they just tape it on?!

This was inside the building with the cardboard window, looks like they use it for a kindof control room on training, it was very clean in there.






Looks like there are chavs in the army too!

We shouldn't forget why we are here in the first place!

In another building

Used rounds on the floor, they are blanks but there are loads of them everywhere even some live blanks



Now if there is one thing I have learnt about Urbex it is that you have to take a pic of the fuses!


This is one of the train station type buildings


We tried to get this gantry to move but it was rusted solid

I am told these are the pumps used for pumping water in from a spring under the river severn. THere were 2 of them in the same room

This is a building with a cross painted on, that means the training troops can blow it up if they want!

This has a smilie so it is safe to sleep in as it cannot be blown up


I hope you enjoyed this report, When I go back there I will do some more.

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