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Report - Camelot explore (FAIL well, kinda)

shaun that kid

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right blah blah blah you know the history by now, this place has been done to death but i was close so i decided it was worth a visit while it was still there. When we got there we went through to hole in the fence which went to a fencing arena and long story short security everywhere and only got a few pics before being caught and to be honest there is a lot better places that don't have this level of security! but its great for a beginner explore. here is my few pictures before getting caught

The Stig

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Spent 4 hours here once and never saw a single sole, so either secca was sat in their car eatting doughnuts and drinking coffee or they had an off day. Also biggest mistake most do is entertaining when secca isn't there, that's because they already in the park trying to do their so called job.