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Report - - Cannock High Rise Development - 31-07-06 | High Stuff |

Report - Cannock High Rise Development - 31-07-06

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Pure bellend
28DL Full Member
Had seen this in the day time a few times on the way to work. It is absolutely awesome at night, the views are average, and its not MASSIVELY tall, but the way its lit, is fantastic...

My pictures are pretty dire, because we got seen by the boys in blue when we were right in the scaffholding at the top, so we had to sit tight, and then we didnt waste any time on the way down...unfortunately the crane was built next to the security cabin, and it was lit up like a bloody xmas tree...

pretty good fun, took a couple of lads from work who had never done exploring before...and they absolutely loved it, they keep asking me to take them places again...






turk ;)