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Report - Canterbury Gas Holder - March 2015


rebmeM LD82
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Well might as well join in with the masses, why not.

About 6 years ago myself and Frosty had a go at getting up this. We failed at the time, neither one of us was confident enough to try climbing over the gate half way up.

Fast forward 6 years, I thought I'd have another crack at this while killing some time in Canterbury, then I revisited it again a I had camera issues the first time.

This gas holder is different from most because it was enclosed and as a bonus you can get inside it at the moment as they've cut a whacking great hole in the side. I say was because the actual gas holder that would have been inside the massive structure is gone, they've removed it and the rest of the structure's days are numbered. Want to go and get the best view of Canterbury you'll ever see, go soon, like real soon. Also the acoustics in there are fantastic, I was like a kid in a toy shop making all kinds of noises just to hear the booming echo that just carried on and on and on. . . .

Visited this twice, first time with extreme_ironing and the second time with a non-member, we'll call him 'A'

Not many photos, there's only so many you can take of a gas holder!

There it is! (They are stars, not dead pixels on my camera I promise)

Best view of the Cathedral I think you'll ever see.

Starry Starry night . . . .

Compulsory selfie.

Inside where they've stripped out the actual working parts

Just because.

Thanks for looking,



Mr Muscle
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Nice one this & great to see inside it. Looks like they've done the same as No.7 at Nine Elms & removed the ballast weights out of the hole in the side so the piston is still likely to be there. These ones don't bounce like column guided pistons as they need weight on the top to maintain gas pressure rather than the weight of each section performing that function on a column guided one.

Good stuff & glad you got to see it before it finally goes :thumb


Fear is the little death.
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#3 is beautiful!! that would make an awesome desktop background, could I possibly get the full size version?

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
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Going sound like a sad spotter now, but I picked up on your starry night photo (3rd photo) and really impressed. You have the constellation of Orion the Hunter right in the middle of that photo with Orion's Belt and Sword very obvious. Within the sword is probably the easiest Nebula (a dust cloud) to observe. Notice how the top left star in Orion is distinctly red meaning it's burning colder than most other stars. That's Betelgeuse. By contrast the bottom right star is very blue/white meaning it is burning very hot. That's Rigel.

Move to the right from Orion and about half way to the foreground bit with the graffiti on, we see the triangular shaped horns of Taurus. Notice the top left star being orange/red. That's the cold supergiant Aldebaran.

Look right again and just where the sky hits the foreground bit with the graffiti on we see the small saucepan shaped star cluster of Pleiades. Many people wrongly think it's another galaxy. No - its a star cluster within our own galaxy. About 5 or 6 stars in Pleiades can be seen with the naked eye. Binoculars will pick up many more.

The bright star to the left of Orion is Sirius lying in the constellation of Canis Major. Also known as the Dog Star and the brightest star in the night sky by far.

Unfortunately you have just slightly cropped out Jupiter from your photo. Currently in the constellation of Leo it would have been on the left side of the photo at the top and about as bright at Sirius. It is possible with a cheap telescope to pick up 4 of the moons of Jupiter.

I know, I need to get out more. Just getting my coat now.


rebmeM LD82
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#3 is beautiful!! that would make an awesome desktop background, could I possibly get the full size version?
It's not as good as it looks full size, I have lightened that a bit and my camera is a bit noisy so the full sized version has a lot of grain. Tell me what size resolution your screen is and I'll think about uploading a higher res version for you if you'd like it. :-)

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
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ahhh Patrick Moore... reminds me of a claim to fame of mine. Patrick Moore once walked in on us smoking joints and got into a big fluster trying to pretend he had not noticed. This was a long time ago and I have grown up since.


rebmeM LD82
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good to see you have finally been up this one before its pulled down :thumb.
Aye, silly thing is I drive past it quite regularly, guess it's one of those things you just keep putting off. Literally caught this just in time as between visits (4 days) they had done quite a bit more on site, give it a couple of weeks and I don't think it will be there any longer.


A Predisposed Tourist
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That's quite some hole in the side their maniac,and some nice shots from the top..which i must say was even more bouncy than the other localish one ..so i didnt venture to far around either of them up the top :thumb

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