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Report - Cardross HAA Battery

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The Fox

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Decided to have a canter round this site on Sunday. The best approach is to park by the station and walk along the shore.


General view of the Battery which lies beside the River Clyde.


Emplacement 1.
The emplacements here are of two types, the 4 earlier ones are built of red brick and have 4 ammunition shelters, one across each of the corners of a square. Because the perimeter wall meets the inner edge of the shelters, rather than the outer edge which is more common, they have the appearance of being much smaller than usual. Each have what is assumed to be an air raid shelter attached to one side.

This is inside one such shelter


The other two, later, emplacements are built of breeze blocks and are square with 4 ammunition shelters in each corner. They have no brick shelter attached but rather a nissen hut type structure. Only sections of the end walls of these remain.


In the older emplacements, the holdfast bolts could not be found as the buildings have been used as animal shelters for many years but both the newer holdfasts are clearly visible. The bolts are about 1" in diameter and each holdfast has 3 sections of light gauge railway line sunk vertically outside the ring of bolts.

The Control Building has the usual 3 pits, one for the Heightfinder, one for the predictor and the third unknown. The third one here has a strange concrete base in it.


The Control Building is odd in that it has a wide ramp leading down to it and a wide doorway into the interior. This I have not seen anywhere else.

The Plotting room is pretty standard.

On the east side of the field are three demolished huts. This one, judging by the partitions looks as if was the obligatory toilet block.

Little remains of the Accomodation Camp except for a few walls.

If you want to know more or to see the full set of pictures go to Secret Scotland - AA Battery Cardross
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