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Report - Carnegie Library - Shipley, England - March 2020


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Shipley, England
March 2020

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Carnegie Library, on the corner of Leeds Road and Carr Lane, was built in 1905 after Andrew Carnegie, a world famous industrialist and philanthropist, donated £3,000 through his Carnegie Trust for the opening of a new library. Constructed to designs by Bradford architect Abraham Sharp, the library had space for 8000 books, and upstairs housed a student’s room, a ladies’ room, a patent journal room, toilets for both sexes, a tea-room and a lecture hall which could accommodate 150 persons.
Later, the upstairs floor apparently came to be used as a function hall and ballroom, but when the new Shipley library was opened in 1985, the building closed. It was reputedly leased to the Irish Folk Music Society and a Pentecostal church at one time or another, but it was sold to private owners in 2006 and has since been left in a state of neglect.

This one was veryyy sketchy as its right in the open, on a very busy junction which meant there were cars and pedestrians everywhere. Anyway, managed to get in unseen.
Its safe to say this building has seen better days. The outside is quite striking, and I can clearly see that this was once a gorgeous and well placed Yorkshire landmark. Unfortunately the powers that be in Shipley have let this 115 year old building decay, and decay badly. A large chunk of the roof is destroyed meaning the upper floor is badly water damaged, and was very dodgy to walk on. Downstairs is cluttered with old rotting trees, mattresses, fridges and other items of junk.

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Thanks for looking.
hi absolutely love the photos you’ve taken here it looks amazing! i’m very new to urban exploration as i’ve only explored a few buildings but i live in the shipley area so i’d love to look around. would you say this is easy for a beginner to get in?


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As a Chartered Librarian I'm saddened and appalled at the state of this fine Carnegie Library building, shame on the Shipley authorities for allowing it to fall into such a state of disrepair! Many many communities around the world are proud of their Carnegie buildings, and whilst many are no longer used as Libraries innovative new uses have been found for them.

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