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Question - Chernobyl Tours.


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28DL Full Member
Hi guys,

My gf has just asked if I fancy going to Chernobyl for few days.
Ummmm Hell yes, so hoping you can help out.
I've been googling various companies that all claim to give the ultimate experience, so why do you all recommend.


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I went with Charlie Tango and Gamma Travel, look him up on facebook, Highly recommended

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@CreakyFloor There's a few recent threads on which companies people recommend, worth having a look at as most of the better ones have been listed there :thumb

Have a good trip, it's an interesting place to visit.


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28DL Full Member
I went with SoloEast back in 2017, just a day trip, knowing what I know now, I'd spring for a few days or a private tour if I went again, as we missed a few bits.

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