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Report - - Cherry Knowle Hospital - 01\03\08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cherry Knowle Hospital - 01\03\08

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okay so this is my first report so please be nice to me :)

so me and my friend had been looking at this website and thought, hey this stuff likes pretty awesome, we joined up and went to do our first report at cherry knowle since it was the easiest one we could get to.

we eventually got there at about 3pm and walked around the building looking for ways in, we found some but decided they weren't safe. by this point we were getting a bit frustrated as we wanted to get inside the building to get some shots :mad:

we were stood near the chapel when we heard some voices, we looked up and we saw some fellow explorers inside, (termin8tor was one of them), after chatting they said they would come out and show us the way in and show us around since it was the first time we ever had seen cherry knowle

after a good few hours we decided to head off as it was getting dark and my mind was playing tricks on me, and the fact i got a little bit scared haha :)

we had a brilliant day :)
and thank you to termin8tor and his mate for showing us around the place, it was very much appreciated :)

i've been back a couple of times since and found some new places like the art room and the hallway with the infamous red chair :)
one time i got chased by security before even stepping foot on the new site of the new cherry knowle
it was a weekday so that might be the reason :mad:

here are a few pictures i took





could someone please help me figure out the weird mist please
me and my friend think its a ghostie :) haha



i have loads more, so if anyone wants to see anymore just say :)

and i'm sorry if any of these haven't rotated properly
i'll figure it out eventually haha

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