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Report - - Cherry Knowle Mental Hospital April 2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cherry Knowle Mental Hospital April 2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Its amazing how every time I go I see something new, or take different shots, or find a different staircase, despite numerous visits and the knowles being increasingly trashed (well it was trashed beyond belief on my first visit 18months back and now there just isn't words to describe :mad:) theres always something new to see.

This time it was the art room! despite hours looking for it I couldn't find it, namely because I was hesitant of venturing back into the nursing block, which is the only hospital building that I've ever visited that genuinly scares me, no other building does, just this one :eek::crazy

On with the PICTAHS :)


main hall as always, floor is getting more like st marys, e.g. extra CRISPY


a hat for rooks :confused: and a fuzzzy felt board, FUN!


in the projection room, film store?


'freaky' (a mate of mine who is trying desperatly to gain access to the forum) getting freaky with the remains of the organ!


'to mother' twas a bit weird


I love fire hoses


wish I had a wider lense, or the sense to take 2 and stitch em :banghead


staircase wtih goodies at the bottom, even if 'a room full of goodies' turned out to be a folding footrest (pictured) and a box FULL of pencil shavings LMAO


patient records and day notes, princessN loved this room


looking down the main corridoor from 1st floor female (laurels 6?)


a very colourful room that shepy pointed out! yes that carpet IS violently orange!!!


obligatory incontensance chair shot



admin stairs, also getting crispy



admin link coridoor, lost ALL Its roof, wasn't like this 6months ago


this is taken standing in the absolute centre of the asylum, everything is symetrical (left and right) around this centre window/faux corridoor


down somewhere NEW! under th maintance rooms, where the odd little church/chapel bell is out back near morg. lots and lots of vintage rainwater gulleys/pipework. and a shiz load of asbestos insulation struen all over the floor :freak


definitive evidense that Ant was here, least his oversize forehead was LMAO.


more pieces of larger art, shame the room was so trashed, with not a single inch of glass left in any of the 4 large windows, which mean't there was very little left apart from some mushy white papers :mad:
the larger canvas/oil paintings were still good if you cleaned em!


oblig pool shot.

All in a fun morning out with no events. Only 4 turned up out of the planned 10, but still, we had fun and lived to tell the tale.