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Report - Cheshire Oaks drain, Ellesmere Port - Feb 2012.


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While out and about pursuing some daytime industry derp in Ellesmere Port, myself and TheFlu24 happened upon an inconspicuous little outfall. For want of a better site we gave it a crack, and low and behold, some pretty good drainage was to be had.



This drain runs underneath a variety of interesting things. From our outfall we wandered underneath the Shropshire Union canal and M53, passing a handful of small chambers along the way.


Arriving at this junction, we scooted off for a mooch down the smaller pipe to the right.


As luck would have it, this side pipe is an overflow for a nearby sewer. The photo below shows the overflow channel running back to the drain, with the mighty river of shit contained within the metal section to the right.


Another overflow channel can be accessed on the other side of the turd stream. You can opt to either take a paddle in the poops or squeeze yourself through a depressingly small pipe, emerging from the other side triumphantly wearing jam rags and spiders as medals. The pics from the other side of this channel where derp due to a bit of sewer mist. And alas, no successful shot of the shit river. Suffice to say that the poo pipe is of an impressive size, and worth a look on its own to those with the flavour for such things :p

Back to the main drain line, a couple of bends and a fairly unassuming chamber lead to this...


Which brings you out into the open right around cheshire oaks. We hopped through the grill and followed the now open stream up through the retail park, probably upsetting some nice people enjoying a pleasant consumer experience as we trudged silt and misery through the car park.

Walking upstream a short distance leads to another outfall, slightly smaller this time, but with two pipes instead of one. This next section of pipe is short, but contains all manner of misery with silt, spiders, stench and a nice variety of shopping trolleys and traffic cones inexplicably dotted along its length. This minging tube eventually spits you out into a nice chamber with two separate channels.


Following the left hand branch of this chamber leads down a stoop which is just long enough to cause some misery, which emerges in a chamber just next to two grills.


Hoping to jump out and follow the line back to a manhole proved to be a no go. These grills are slap bang in the middle of a construction site, and the bloke whizzing around in a mini excavator looked in no mood to be bothered by a couple of smelly guys emerging from a drain. Back to the chamber with the two channels, and up the straight ahead option, leads to a chamber with a waterfall and a concreted up pipe of some former use.


Above this drop the pipe continues for some time before emerging at a small weir and yet another grill...


We engineered away around this grill in fairly short order, much to the bemusement of an employee at some sort of health club we where now behind. Having explained that we where following a drain upstream she told us, with some concern, that we where now near ellesmere port. :D

A pretty cool drain system with more to explore nearby, especially those with a love for turds :thumb

Thanks for looking,