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Report - Cincinnati, Erdington, Birmingham - June 2009


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The Cincinnati works in Erdington was one of the most famous engineering works in Birmingham. It closed in early 2008 after 73 years of production. It was the first factory established by the original Cincinnati firm outside America and at its peak employed up to 2,000 people.

Lathes and boring machines produced there graced manufacturing sites throughout the UK and around the world and it was one of the foremost names in machine-making.

A source close to the company said it is believed production is to be transferred to China.
Me & dweeb have been looking at this place for at least the last six months, but with a canal across the front and a suburban street overlooking the intact cane hill fence at the back it wasn't looking good.

Someone said demo was starting so we headed back scared that we'd missed the boat... Turns out this was absolute garbage, the place is being used as something, storage or warehousing and the carpark was half full of cars, but hey, the gates were open and that's as good as an invite if you ask me.

Inside the place is typical no expense spared old school industry, awesome floors, marble on the walls, full on cinema, and corridors that go on for miles.

Something wierd was going on, I'm sure someone else was in there and through one door was the sound of the cricket on TV, who knows what the score is. Anyway it's mint inside, not a touch of vandalism and lots of awesome relics. Ticking the boxes of epic even though the offices are all empty. There's more here than what we saw this time, that's for sure.

Only a few photos by crap compact while I'm in between cameras. Not having a 10-20 is pure hell :(

Awesome floors













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Excellent report!..Tried to see this place a few months back. Secca were on site and didn't want to chance it. Wish I had as now i've heard it's been demolished for yet another housing estate :-(