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Report - clare tooling systems manchester, 30-5-10

twisted fish

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all righty now, looking for the second report notch on the old bed post,

we decided a little road trip was in order so off to manchester,
after many fails and standing gorming at midland bank thinking ???? how the hell??? we tootled down to excelsior works, thanks to the manchester splash porject most places have been converted :banghead but did find this place
really easy to get in but is a bit of a walk down the canal, was some quite interesting little bits although most was trashed or burnt, oh yes watch the floors!! big holes everywhere!

as for history, theres very little about clare tooling, although i can see from a ruler i found they were open 75 years :thumb
previously though it was the Excelsior Printing and Bookbinding Works, and was opened July 4. owned by a Mr. John Heywood, and was said to be one of the largest of its kind in the provinces, and employs upwards of 750 individuals

we'l il put that as a history fail...

rite pics
some workshop

loved this door!
not litrally you understand :cool:

had to have a play in the office

the place was trashed

a little concerned about seating quality...


before computers!

obligatory flickr link for the full set http://www.flickr.com/photos/ejs_art/sets/72157624190389752/

comments and abuse welcome

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