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Report - Clayton hospital morgue, wakefield. July 2014


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Copied off the Interweb :-

Clayton Hospital is named after Thomas Clayton, a mayor of Wakefield and was founded in 1854. It was an amalgamation of Wakefield General Dispensary, founded in 1787, and the Wakefield House of Recovery, founded in 1826. Wakefield General Dispensary was for out-patients and the Wakefield House of Recovery was for poor in-patients suffering from infectious diseases.
In 1852 the Wakefield Union Workhouse was completed and its hospital wards accomodated pauper invalids and fever cases, so that the House of Recovery was closed in 1854. In 1863 Mayor Clayton financed an expansion and the institution was re-named 'The Clayton Hospital and Wakefield General Dispensary'. The site moved from Dispensary Yard to the present site in 1876 and the new building was opened in 1879.By 1948 the name was changed to Clayton Hospital and it had a capacity of 200 beds.

It was announced in the Wakefield Express Newspaper of the Hospitals closure on the 12th October 2012. services too be split between the New Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals and Dewsbury, with the GUM side in a new location :eek:

Supposedly the local posh School is interested in the Land/building ? as they sandwich Clayton at present with existing buildings/facilities. As a local said, give it another year and it"ll be dirt cheap! Looking at the way the place is being trashed, someone had better act quick before it"s torched.

It"s ironic you can have Hospitals/Asylums in the middle of nowhere less trashed than this place is, and it"s basically in the City centre in a posh area a few hundred yards from the main Police station WTF???

This concerns the Morgue which i didn"t even know existed till Robbo"s top report the other day Cheers Mate :thumb. ATM i"ve not found any history on the Morgue, but going by it"s condition it must have shut over 10 years ago at least, going by the rot & peeling paint etc. To think i"ve past this building many times over the years and never knew what it was......if it was even in use .

It"d be a fitting Morgue for a large asylum falling apart like Whittington or Denbigh etc with it"s 16 body capacity Fridge, the only thing missing is the Slab and some overhead lights.

Edited as i"ve already lost 2 reports due to Broadband failure this AM (WTF)

Done this as a walk-though as it"s hard to shoot something different to Robbo"s report..... A two trip visit as i was not happy with some light painting from the previous night and then you review your pics and wonder why you didn"t put that sink back on its hangers rather than leaving it resting in the middle of the floor, and why didn"t you pick that crap up so it"s out of shot.......because times precious and it"s scary sometimes solo lol

Hopefully someone likes em :)

PS no HDR :)























Any :thumb gratefully received :D
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Cracking set acid :thumb I didn't know you went exploring with Thing from the Addams family :D


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Some very nice shots there mate, I think i must pay this place a visit at some point :thumb
Cheers matey :) It"s right up your street i"d imagine.

Bonus is you get 2 4 1........... a Morgue & a Derp Hospital for the price of one :)

Not sure how long it"ll last though :rolleyes:


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Nice shots mate! Did you go in and lay on the tray?
Cheers mate.

No it"s a 2 person job as there"s no retaining mech for the trays so they tip up :( I did try using the timer and get in without trying to crash on the floor and end up in a Morgue but failed and as the Tw#ts were about, i didn"t fancy being stuck in a fridge with my camera gear running down the road without me :D


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Cracking set acid :thumb I didn't know you went exploring with Thing from the Addams family :D
I didn"t mate you were too busy ;) Nah the "Thing" is in page 3 as you"ve already noticed :eek:

I"m not used to this whole switch photo taking thing, so i just thought i"d use it for scale.

Cheers for the feedback matey, hopefully we"ll sort something out for next week :)


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It is mate

Trouble is sort of limited with variety of shots, have to see what the pros manage :D

Mine must be really crap going off the limited feedback :tumbleweed lol