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Report - Co Op Woolwich - June 2012

Mr I Saw 123

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Co Op Woolwich.

Explored with Jasper B, Jess, Luke Takes Pictures and Tapehead.

Not forgetting "Urbex Pigeon".

Derp, Trashed and Pikyed would be a good way to describe this once proud building. Although, toilet would probably be the best description now. I say this because of the homeless community that now reside there. With no proper facilities, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination and not for the faint-hearted was this explore. Thus making the building total crap.:eek:

The rooftop was the high point of this trip! Great views are to be had in both directions of the Thames. The stairs too, have their ups and downs.

It looks like a major redevelopment of Woolwich town centre is well under way with several buildings in the vicinity, including the one next door. Since seeing reports made 4 years ago the site has really gone downhill. There were plans afoot to knock it down and having seen the damage inside, one can only guess to the future of this Art Deco style building.


Built in 1938 by the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society, it has served the community for many years. With other competition such as Asda, Tescos and probably Happy Shopper, the Co Op faced cut backs. By the late 70’s the company was in difficulties and with dwindling memberships. In 1985 the RACS transferred its engagements to the national Co-operative Wholesale Society. The large department store on Powis Street became a casualty. Having spent some time researching, I have not found the exact closure date. The building has played host to filming “Children of Menâ€￾. It also appeared on a children’s TV program “The Greatest Store In The Worldâ€￾.
In May 2011 plans were announced that a new Travelodge would be redeveloping the site according to fromthemurkydepths.wordpress web site. The future is still uncertain and perhaps due to the recession the building still stands.

(All information researched from the internet)

On with the images:




Don't Look Down !!!



How many have noticed that the name Co Op is within the Art deco design on the stairs?



I thought this room was the "Bosses" office. It turns out that after researching the site, it was a board room. Older members will remember a comedy series called Are You Being Served? Retail industry was a very pompus affair. Everyone was refered to as either Mr or Mrs unlike the supermarkets we have today.


"Urbex Pigeon" makes its debut. Ideal for those occasions where you need a bit of foreground interest in an image. Pigeon was used by all that day. Every Urban Explorer should carry at least one. :thumb Also useful for any confrontations too. Just throw your pigeon at your said opponent, this will give you time to run away whilst they freak out:eek:


As with all my reports, I hope you enjoy my light hearted look at the explore. Thanks for viewing. :thumb



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