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I bought the SJCAM SJ4000 just before Christmas.

Only used it a couple of times but very happy with it so far. Video quality is very good in decent light and far from terrible in low light. It comes with a ton of accessories and spare batteries are cheap as chips too.

From my limited experience it's probably as close as you'll get to official Go Pro quality at less than a third of the price.

Just be wary as there as some fakes floating around on Ebay, better paying a few quid extra to ensure you're getting a legit unit.

Anyway, well chuffed with mine and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone who wants to shoot some action video on a budget. I'll try and see if I can upload some sample video when I get a moment.


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I have one, its as good as the old go-pro i have used. The little screen makes all the difference although i think up to date go pros have them now too? I need to use mine more! I took it to the cattas but didnt get it out when it mattered like usual!


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Just bought the SJ4000 with WiFi model from FoxOffer, worked out at about £65.00

It has good reviews across the internet and at that price is worth a go. Will let you know how it turns out.
Let me know for sure mate!

We'll have to do something together this year also!


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Yes, it can be mounted on either a head strap or chest mount. Both attachment clips (along with a load of others) come with it. You'd have to buy the straps separately but they're cheap enough on Ebay :thumb