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Report - Corris Uchaf Quarry/Mine + Cavern of Lost Souls Quarry/Adits - Aug 15


My name is Jeff
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After walking a tidy road with an interesting slate gutter, for what seemed like an age, we came across a cliff overlooking a slate quarry. We took the path down, and suddenly the large boreholes creep into view.

The scramble up the loose slate was interesting, but we got in. Not much to see (that we found) but it was interesting. The borehole appeared to carry on in another part of the cliff, suggesting that there had been some serious rock fall, or one hell of an experimental machine. Further into the quarry we found a small portal which led one way to rockfall, the other way led to another portal through knee deep water. We snapped a few pics and walked back to check out the other side of the valley, the 'Cavern of Lost Souls'.

I'm not sure what we found, looking for the cavern. We walked up near the waterfall, past the old stone building and found 2 adits. The first one was a dead end, and the second one was waist deep, and extremely silted. I got in to waist depth, however the mud was incredibly sticky and was getting deeper and deeper. We decided against it, and walked round the corner. Here I found a large cavern with an incredibly steep, slippy slope down. There was a lot of undergrowth blocking the view down, including foot-deep solid looking moss and we decided against this also. Didn't get any pictures of the large cavern although there is some SJcam footage once I get round to sorting it all.

To cut a long story short, misplaced my new TK75, £180 worth of torch + battery, spent the best part of 2 hours finding it and had to set off before it got too late to find food, the only unsuccessful
attempt of the day.

And to top it all off, I ended up driving back in my undercrackers, without any shoes, which included an awkward stop at a tiny local petrol station, for local people. The look on the checkout guy's face was reminiscent of a Little Britain sketch, I looked like the only gay in the village :D

Corris Uchaf Slate Mine










The Cavern of Lost Souls







Cheers for looking :thumb


My name is Jeff
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Much appreciated guys, definitely worth the mooch!

There were some sketchy looking adits/rock cracks behind the waterfall, taking a lot of the water into depths as far as the eye could see, I wonder if there was anything down there?

The Lone Ranger

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Looks a cracking place, nice story and pics too :thumb


My name is Jeff
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North Wales was full of awesome explores, i'd imagine there are a lot more mines up there!

Not a great deal to see underground (here) but the exterior scenery and the outing made up for that. We found pictures of the Cavern but it looked like a death trap, vertical looking descent, followed by paddling an inflatable boat in rusty-scrap filled toxic chemical water


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Love that first photo! The scenery looks almost prehistoric in the third one as well. Great pics mate.


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Sounds like you had a good experience ;)
Cracking report though mate, those pictures are brill


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Nicely done mate :thumb

Some nice shots going on there
Those bore holes remind me of those opposite Dinorwic going under the main road, must just like boring holes in Wales lol


Yeah i been there a few weeks ago now 22nd sept i went absolitely.mental will be postkng my video online soon :)

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