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We find ourselves once again in Croatia, in a small town at the beautiful Adriatic Sea. From 1960 and six years forward the little town (a small village) become a big construction site. They built two parallel 16 km long tunnels to supply a hydroelectric plant, built at the same time, with water from reservoirs.

In the small village was built apartments, schools, offices, doctor's office and canteen for the workers and their families. 1966 was the work of the tunnels and hydroelectric power station finished and the workers moved on, what would they do with these buildings?

Tourism in Yugoslavia was approached along, so they chose to rebuild the different buildings into a hotel which was named Plat. In May 1967 they opened up doors. The original Hotel Plat was, and is still there, in direct proximity to the sea.

In the 1970s, became the real impetus to tourism in Yugoslavia and they took in 1971 a decision to build a new hotel adjacent to the former, and after a record pace building so they opened back in 1972 the gates of the new hotel (called "Plat 2"or "The top hotel" because it is built on the edge of a cliff), the new hotel had 700 beds, which meant that it had a total of 1250 beds. 1980s is called then the "Golden years", it was always crowded.

1984, replacing the hotel's name to "Hotel Ambasador".

Then occurs the great disaster. 1991 outbreak of the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995) and Montenegro-forces from the JNA (Jugoslovenska narodna Armija) burned, looted and shot up everything in its path north along the Croatian coast, including the Hotel Ambasador in the pictures here, as one might imagine the images.

War is always a tragedy, but the Croatians seem to be full of energy, as early as 2000 opened again to some of the older parts of the Hotel Plat by the sea, and in 2005 additional parts.

Available since 2007 thoughts and dreams to even reopen the broken Hotel Ambasador. But I feel a bit skeptical, is required much money and effort to make the Hotel Ambasador to a functioning hotel again, but who knows, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, if they succeed I'll be happy to stay a night at the Hotel Ambasador! :thumb


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