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Report - Crossley Hospital East

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Spook, john and Lillimouse finally linked up for a visit to Crossley Hospital East which we had looked forward to for a while.

We approached through the woods and squeeeezed under a gate to get into the grounds, women are totally the wrong shape for this.

There are two main buildings with also a boiler house/generator building which has partly collapsed, a pair of semi detached houses and another building which we somehow missed.

The bigger of the two main buildings is in quite un-vandalised condition but a lot of the floors are very rotten, this is pretty much the same for the other main building as well. The corridors are OK. There is a link from this building to the kitchen and dining hall, this area is totally derelict and quite dangerous, but very atmosheric. The main hall is very colourful with peeling paint of varying colours and green plantlife.

The cellars in the main building are quite extensive. There was a lot of writing on walls referring to moving doorways etc. so it looks like development is on the cards. The attic space was interesting with the water tanks and small tower.

The other main building appeared a bit older and had been nurses accomodation at some time we think.

A very enjoyable visit and we didn't see any security at all while we were there.

A different way out of the grounds was found which required less agility and didn't result in wet bums. Walking back through the woods Lillimouse got her first taste of Christmas holly, oops, sorry Lillimouse :eek:

Some pictures:-

The hall viewed from the main building.

Main entrance.






john said:
The other main building appeared a bit older and had been nurses accomodation at some time we think.

main building



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thanks for the comments guys.

Dweeb asked: where is it? Just outside Frodsham, near Kingsley.
Did you get into the hall?

Chapel type hall.

Main Hall

Click on wide picture of hall.

Ste_Nova asked: Did you see this? (mortuary table) Like Spook said we seem to have missed a bit, did you take the picture yourself?

Explora asked: Did you manage to take anymore pictures? Me 211, Lillimouse ??

This beam and the one behind have completely rotted out of the wall, the part next door had collapsed, we took our shoes off to walk in the boiler house :D

Crumbling corridor near the kitchens.

Bell and siren inside the tower.

This shows areas marked out for modification.




28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Having thought of nothing much else this week me and Spook went back to Crossley to find the mortuary table pointed out by Ste_Nova. This time, not only did we find and access the mortuary but we got to spend 20 minutes in there hiding from the security guard. The gate is right next to this building and fortunately we heared the lock rattle as he came in. Spook thinks he might have seen us because you are in view of his office when you go around the back of this building and we saw him stood outside just after we had our first recce. Anyway, he didn't find us and here are the pictures.

The table, I like the sink and the drain pipe. Where does that drain go? into the normal sewer? Is that where a bit of me will end up one day?
Why are all the windows red?

Specimen bottles, empty fortunately.

This is the fridge, I haven't seen them with the slider tray things in before, and why is there a handle on the inside????:eek:

We had stayed hidden until we heared the guard leave through the same gate then after a short time we took a chance and crossed the path to get to another building we had missed last time, although I remember Lillimouse pointing it out from the main building last week.

This is right by the guards hut and we could see the lights from the windows through the bushes so I was a bit reluctant to use the flash but took a chance. It is a seperate building but conected to the main hospital by a corridor from the basement.

And through a nice glass covered walkway, it was getting a bit dark by then. I'm glad we weren't hiding in the mortuary still.

Inside this building all the rooms had big opening windows and doors like this, I wonder if it was to give patients a chance of some fresh air.

On the way in, while walking through the woods alongside the hospital I moved a branch and these keys fell to the floor. They must have been hung on a branch at some time for some reason, quite a long time ago looking at the rusty steel.

I'm going to bed, good night.



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Crossley Hospital East REPORT

He told me about a chalk board in the basement that was used as the scoreboard for cricket. The score board still says something on the lines of " Crossley West 2 Crossley East 0"

Perhaps he means this one.