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Report - - Crossley Park East 09/04/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Crossley Park East 09/04/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Today went for a trip to Crossley Park East. We originally planned to go to Mansfield General Hospital, however due to the amount of alcohol my mate drank the night before we were delayed for a few hours so Crossley Park East it was.
Access was pretty easy thanks to a heads up from Ben, cheers by the way. Got stopped by some bloke on the way up asking us if we were lost and then got stared at by some horse riders.
Didn't get into no morgue however. :(
There were people on the hospital grounds. I saw a few around a portacabin which I assume to be builders.
Alot of the buildings seem to be prepped for renovation, with spray paint marking out where the new windows, doors and walls will be along with what parts of the buildings are going to go. Not much in the way of sites either with most of the rooms stripped out. Still though, good trip.

Here is a couple of pics. :)


Outside the main building on a nice day.


The hall.


one of the ground floor rooms with paints on. There were a couple of rooms like this but they had been ruined by grafitti.


Unsafe floor but an interesting room with the pictures.


I love this picture for some reason. Don't know why.






A room in what I assume in the nurse's accomodation.

On the way up to the attic area. Lights strung up by workers up there.