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Report - Crystal Maze&Canaston Bowl - Pembrokeshire - January 2018.


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28DL Full Member
So this is going to be my first report, that being said don't expect much.
Obviously this has been posted before, but thought id get something up on here.
I visited this place back in 2018 but tried to go back to see it again a few week ago, which reminded my about my photos i took back when i first went there. When going for a revisit i was greeted by an unmarked policeman shortly after arrival, he was nice about it and just asked us to go on our way, but he said they've had a lot of trouble recently with vandals so they are on point with watching the building and doing hourly patrols.


So this amusement centre was based on the hit 90s TV show "The Crystal Maze" but also had a bowling alley inside. The centre opened in 1995 but closed its doors 15 years later in 2010.
Since closing 9 years ago, it has fallen into an alarming state of disrepair and vandalism.
It seems like when it was open it would have been a good day out with the family due to the selection of things you could do here.
There have been a few plans to reopen and use the building, but with Oakwood pretty much next door i doubt that'll ever happen.


I'm not professional photographer so don't expect much!

This photo below looks awful but thought id still add it.


Tell we where I've gone wrong as i'm sure I've done something wrong haha.​

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