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Report - - Cults Limestone Mine - Fife - Into the Deep | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Cults Limestone Mine - Fife - Into the Deep

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Returned to Cults Limestone mine today with v70 for an exploration trip, this time with the aid of an abandonment plan. After ascertaining that the remaining ways into the mine don't necessarily correspond with the entrances shown on the plan we managed to get ourselves to the main drive and right down as far into the mine as far as you can go before the water gets up to the roof.

We were able to find more artefacts down there, mine trucks, rails, pipes, trackbeds, old drive wheels and even graffiti from 1928. We didn't take a lot of photos, but noted the locations of the interesting things for a return trip at a later date.

At least 50% of the mine is inaccessible due to roof falls and flooding, but there's still an awful lot left to explore down there. Originally the workings stretched 2km across and almost 1km in the other direction.

Here's a small selection of what I ended up taking.


A couple of large wheels just off the bottom of the main drive.


A mine truck just off to the side of the main drive.


Some old rails.


The beginning of the more modern sections, but they're flooded.


The same flooded section, but only lit from above