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Report - Dalton Pumping Station, County Durham, August 2011


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Dalton Pumping Station, County Durham, August 2011

Pictures taken on an exploration with Forsaken.

Victorian pumping stations are not just known for their engineering advancements at the time but also for their reflection of wealth. Dalton is no exception to this.

Designed by Thomas Hawksley with the build starting in 1873, The first engine was fired up in 1878. The engines are a pair of 72” single acting Cornish non-rotative beam engines, manufactured by Davy Brothers Limited, of Sheffield with an operating steam pressure of 30PSI. It is thought that Dalton was the only example of Cornish engines running on superheated steam. The build was complete in 1879. In 1937 repairs were made to damage caused by mining subsidence. 1940 Pumps recommissioned after enemy action had cut power to the station, but it was found the engines had deteriorated and pumping spears below ground level had fractured (again likely mining related). The engines have been stationary ever since. The electric driven engine house (still in use now) was built on site that year. Since then the boilers and cold store and chimney have since been removed from the old pumping station but leaving in place the magnificent engine. In 1997 an English heritage grant was awarded and works from that were mostly completed by 1999 now the owner doesn’t know what to do with it and as such doesn’t enjoy owning a grade II listed pikey magnet, this is a massive shame as its a fantastic place, I really hope it stays fantastic and doesn’t get wrecked by pikeys.

Anyway on to the pics thats what you came here for:

1) The Pipes, the pipes are calling

2) Attention to detail in here is immense.

3) Levers, hmm

4)Twiddly bits

5)Now Thats what I call an engine! (well part of it)

6) I’ve not seen any peeling paint for a while so I got all emo for a bit

7) Cobwebs (I was still in derp mode for a bit, and this is as derelict as the place got)

8) Top of the Cylinder Housing

9) The Beams (thanks Forsaken for lending me your 10-20)

10) Looking out over the engine room

11) Down into the well

12) In yer tunnelz


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