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Report - - DeLorean Car track, Dunmurry, Northern Ireland 23 Mar 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - DeLorean Car track, Dunmurry, Northern Ireland 23 Mar 08

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First off - I must apologise to the 28DL members who asked me previously check out the site of the DeLorean Car Plant that was closed over 25 years ago now in South Belfast.

I did do a bit of research, and checked the site out from the Dunmurry side - as the old photos I had to go by were taken from there.

The original car assembly plant is now in the ownership of a French firm that produces alloy wheels

A little of the history - The Car & The Man

When I researched this place before - i came across a video taken from within a DeLorean as it was driven around the test track on site.

Today, I drove past on the Twinbrook side, on the way to pick up Irishmanlost.
It must have been because of the lack of leaves on the trees - but I noticed a crash barrier and fence at a strange angle - my nose got the better of me and off i went to recce.

Recce done - I sped off into Belfast to grab Irishmanlost and head back for an explore

First sight

The camber on the bank is f%£*ing steep

coming out of the bank


The factory now - lots of aluminium and cctv !

a large pile of old moulds are just left out on the track


so a nice little surprise for the day