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Derelict / closed social clubs... URGENT APPEAL!


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So, this month we have missed two 50's 60's social clubs. Keresley Miner's welfare has been demolished and the Jaguar social club has had a fire.

It seems these places are very difficult to find until a fire or demo makes the local rag. If you know of a closed social club, welfare or WMC that is closed or due to close post it up and perhaps we might get to see a few more of them! They have proven to be pretty good little explores and we all seem to be missing to many of them!


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I might like to point out it also helps if people can go explore them too :)
well i did last week... so thats me doing something... wasnt exactly epic, but it was something.
And Dave did one... so the NE is doing stuff social club-wise anyway.


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Oh and this one in Sheerness which I have popped my head into a few years ago, but it's totally devoid of any real features. I didn't even take any pictures.


One in Rainham in Essex has just closed literally in the last few weeks.
Rainham Social Club closes for the last time - News - Romford Recorder

One in Stansted closed literally last week it would seem
Stansted Social Club closes its doors | Uttlesford village headlines

One in south Wales closed at the end of Last Year
Sad day as historic social club is closed (From South Wales Argus)

And another threatened with closure.
Working mens club under threat / Cumnock Chronicle / News / Roundup

That's about all I can find for now. Personally they don't interest me, but there's some good leads there for those who want to check them out. :-)


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I thought I'd put a report up on Snowdown, maybe it's been deleted at some point. If I'm mistaken and I put it up elsewhere can you let me know dweeb and I'll stick it up as I have a fairly comprehensive set of pictures of the place as of late last year.


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It was easily do-able about 6 weeks ago, didn't particularly in tact inside though. There were a couple of snooker tables there though.


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There is a report on the Snowdown one but would appreciate a few more photos if there are any out there. I do agree tho from what ive seen it didnt look like there was too much left but then again ive been many places like that only to find some amazing stuff hidden away, expecially the miners welfares!

Im going to try and check out stansted and rainham asap so thanks!

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