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Report - Devil's Gate Drain

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Well when we set of down this one we wasn't expecting anything like what we found. We were hoping for a nice tunnel with a large junction with the Thames at best!, Oh how we were wrong.

Took us a good hour to find a way into due to most covers concreted over to heavy or in the "hood". Found our way in barriered up and off we went. Down three long ladder we emerged into another black and red split brick pipe roughly 6-7ft.

Due to the platform of each ladder going round corners before the next ladder. I now had no idea which way was north and which way was south and so had no idea which way the Thames was. After 10 minutes trying to work it out we headed to the left.

After about 15 minutes of walking through the lovely dry brick tunnel past many curves and bends we reach the end, A small junction with one tunnel being bricked up. Our hearts sunk. We looked right to see a small step feature which lead down to a smaller concrete pipe.

Oh well a small token i guess. I went down the stairs to take photos back up of the steps when i shone the torch down the pipe. 5 meters along it opened up again...

We went through so discovered it opened up into a large chamber with three pipes heading off in different directions then a larger concrete path heading off behind us,

We went down the middle pipe first. 6 meters along it opened up into a smaller step up to a 8ft wide brick pipe with another step junction at the end!. ahead of this we reached the end another step chamber with a large metal pipe sewer running overhead.

Next we hit the right pipe. 4 meters along it opens into a long curving set of stairs which at the top was another 6ft brick pipe behind a divider which has silted up. No pics of this bit sorry i forgot about it.

We then went down the concrete path which went down a few red covered stairs into some water then split of left and right. We looked to the right to see yet another small step section up into a 8ft concrete pipe with a smaller pipe heading of left a little further up. We looked right to see the "Devil's Gate" a massive flood screen gate similar to the ones found in the main chamber at Serpents Lair. The chamber itself was vertically massive. At least three times the height of the tunnel we were in.

We then headed up the concrete pipe for a while until we decided it was time to head back. Wed been up since 7am and it was now 9pm. Our feet hurt!!!!, Back to the entrance up and out. We had the usual chit chat and handshakes of success then we parted way. Watch this space as theres plenty more to see from this one...





The "Devil's Gate"