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Report - Doncaster Bloodstock Sales 18/4/09


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As well as coal mines and steam trains, Doncaster is also home to the oldest classic horse race, the St Leger, and so once or month or so is invaded by these beauties


(taken a couple of weeks ago)​

and by these beauts in their too-big hats and once-a-year suits (assuming they have no funerals or court appearances):eek:

As a result of the racecourse, Doncaster attracts horsey people from far and wide who come to race their nags, gamble, drink and, as horsey people like to do, buy and sell horses - a small industry has therfore built up around this horsetrading at Doncaster Bloodstock Sales.

As part of the recent re-development of the racecourse, Doncaster Bloodstocks Ltd were asked by Doncaster Council if they would like to vacate the site they had occupied since 1962 and relocate to a site adjacent to the racecourse. Oh, and we'll give you £850k and only charge you £50 a year rent on the new site. I wonder how long they had to think about that deal!

The old site is virtually on my doorstep and has been nagging at me for ages to have a look round but I've kept putting it off as access is blatant to say the least as it borders a main road on one side. a hotel on one and houses on the other two.

But last night I decided to bite the bullet and set the alarm for stupid o'clock so that I could get in under cover of darkness.

The road was quiet and with a quick scramble I was in.

By my reckoning there must be 300 stables here and one looks very much like another so I'll keep the pics to a minimum.

Bathed in a sodium glow


Each part of the complex is named after a horse, presumably that was sold here

View from inside

In the centre of the stables is a cluster of buildings housing an auction ring, auctioneer's office, restaurant, bar and various offices.

Doesn't look like I'm the first visitor since it closed!

Although there was evidence of cable stripping everywhere and many doors had been forced open, there was no other chav damage.

Auction Ring

Parade Ring

Hi-tech fire alarm system

What horses?



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