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Report - Drain, Megatron, Shefield 03/2011


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I remember the first internet reports on Megatron I was blown away reading them, the 3 parallel passageways were immense let alone the outfall chamber. At the time I never really thought Id see it in person, there was a 'maybe oneday' thought about it. As time went on that maybe oneday grew stronger, looking at google earth etc in snippets of spare time ploting the parts of the drain. At somepoint it made it to the list (in my head) of things to do, from then on everytime I pass Sheffield it has bugged me knowing its there, Even more so knowing as time goes on last year and this they have been covering it in concrete. Well I was due to pass again and decided this time I would make the extra effort.

I knew where the drain was, but I knew I may be pressed for time (and I ended up been more pressed that I thought I had other things to attend to that night) anyway WB told me where to park so life couldnt have been easier, thanks again. On I went entered in the small stoopy culverts, they were nice and old, stoopy but short and I dont mind starting with a stoop if theres good stuff further down, there was lots of interesting old bits to photo here, old bridges that are now part of the culvert etc, but due to time I didnt take any pictures of this part.

Before Long I was in the main drain, it held the same basic style throughout of three channels interlinked with arches, but each section was different, some concrete, some brick some stone, there was less concrete than I was expecting which was nice (but then the concrete floor section was nice for walking on), I only had time for a few photos I would have liked to have got more pictures from the various arches but heres one from an old stone section:


Later on the 3 arches come out and back into one drain:

and then it opens up, and opens up some more into a huge chamber, no Idea how big it is, but thats a lot of bricks!


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