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Report - Dudbridge Industrial Park, Stroud - March 2020


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** This explore was done before the Coronavirus Lockdown took effect **


Goldcrest Business Park has been home to a number of different businesses over the years; Whitminster International, Redler Limited, Klenzeen Limited and, most recently, the Stroud Metal Company. From what I can work out, the whole place has been empty for a number of years with the exception of the Stroud Metal Company, who only moved out back in July 2019. The site appears to be split into different sections, with the older factory buildings and warehouses at the back completely trashed, gutted, emptied and grafettied to high Heaven (Who doesn't love a derpy factory though right...?!) Whilst the newer offices at the front of the site and the slightly newer looking factory buildings that once homed the Stroud Metal Company seem relatively untouched. Below shows the two halves;

There is also a third section;

Which I couldn't get access too, but appears from the front to be relatively new. However peering through the chained up gates suggests it's been empty for a while;

The view from the main road;

With Stroud Metal Company now gone too, the whole site is deserted and, huge!

The explore;

A lovely relaxed bimble around with the girlfriend, nothing to report, sadly. Although have since spoken to a lad who said he tried about a week after we did, and was confronted with security, guard dogs and 3 vans in the car park, so.. who knows.

One of the funniest things we found was some postcards from a chap named Robert who used to work for Stroud Metal Company.

^ Everyday he was on his biatch... Lucky Robert is all I can say!

Remaining pictures;

Hopefully some of you will find this interesting... whatever it is! (Excuse my naivety and please enlighten?)

The derpy, ruined factory side; (With some nice graffiti, it has to be said!)

Part 2 below...


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Part 2;

Onto the newer part of the site where Stroud Metal Company used to be, including their Factory and Offices;

And for those of you who appreciate this kinda thing;

They knew the Coronavirus was coming;

From one explore to another;

Sorry there's a lot of photos; it's a big place.

Thanks for your time if you got this far!

Have a great week guys,


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Very lucky you didn’t bump into the angry Russian security guard! with his very big German Shepard! not the friendliest bloke:oops:
Seriously?! Are you talking from experience? Is he official, on site security? Cuz we never saw a soul! Phew.


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Seriously?! Are you talking from experience? Is he official, on site security? Cuz we never saw a soul! Phew.
I am! Bumped in to him a couple of times!
last time I went to check the new part we walked round the corner and he was walking the opposite way with his dog... had to quickly scarper out of there!
if you see a silver Honda CR-V parked near the site, he’s there!:thumb

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Nice shots there. The place does look huge. Seems many more areas to see there. Dont like the sound of their security though !


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The man is a true hero! I wonder where he is now.

Also, I'm guessing English isn't his first language!


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He knows the important words; Bear is cold. Ladys are hot. What more do you need in your vocabulary, really?


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Thanks for posting this, has brought back alot of memories.
I was the last apprentice to go through this site at redlers but on the manufacturing side of the business.
The factory was massive in its day and a cracking place to explore, you could get lost.
If only I took pics back then!!!
Was my job to wind the old clock up every Friday, lovely view from up top, though I was warned I'd loose my job if I was ever seen up there! (Not safe)
Sad to see it like this now, I know they have developed half the site so far and plans for the rest but alot of memories in that building for alot of people.
I'm glad I got to see it in its hay day, but was sad times there too when redundancy loomed for alot of good guys.

Regarding Robert and stroud metal, I know someone that worked there until it moved recently so I will ask about that legend!


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@Stroudboy - Awesome dude. Happy memories!

Let us know if you have any luck tracking Robert! Part of me is wondering if he's the foreign 'security' chap with the big dogs that seems to guard the place these days! xD

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