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Report - - Eaton Socon ROC post, Cambridgeshire Group- 01/01/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Eaton Socon ROC post, Cambridgeshire Group- 01/01/08

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Opened when Eaton Socon was part of Bedfordshire, boundary changes meant that when it closed in 1968 it was in Cambridgeshire.

The post has deteriorated since the Subrit report.

Nuclear Monitoring Posts – Subterranea Britannica

The concrete capping of the entrance shaft has been taken off, the shaft is damaged and filled with rubble. The FSM pipe has also disappeared.

If you attempt to find this post by following the NGR from the Subrit page, you will be sadly disappointed. That points you to the edge of the old Henlow Airfield, which never had a post near it and is near Letchworth. Eaton Socon is some way to the north up the A1, near St. Neots! As a result of this, the Google Earth placemarks and the site that shows Flashearth pictures of ROC posts are wrong as well.
If you know the area, by the roadbridge over the A1 at Eaton Socon is a water tower. The post is on the opposite side of the A1, virtually on the edge of the cutting on the north side of the bridge.




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