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Report - Embsay Station, North Yorkshire, May 1971


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The Midland Railway Company built an 11 mile long, double track line between Ilkley and Skipton, which opened on October 1st 1888. It gave access from Leeds to Bolton Abbey and was also a useful diversionary route between Leeds and Skipton. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a single track line was laid by the Yorkshire Dales Railway Company, between Grassington and Embsay, joining at a junction a half mile on the Skipton side of the station. Despite losing the passenger service, freight and excursions used it until 1969, when it was cut back to Swinden Quarry, subsequently for their stone traffic, which continues to date.
The main line was not so lucky, falling victim to the Beeching cuts and closing in March 1965. The track was then lifted, except for the section between Embsay Station and the Junction, to serve stone traffic from Skipton Rock Quarry.
The Yorkshire Dales Railway Society had been formed to preserve the Grassington line, but as this was not available, they leased the now closed Embsay Station, sidings and remaining track. Having heard about this, I paid it a visit in May 1971. The place appeared deserted, so a mooch was had. Eventually I found a chap boring holes in a rail for fishplates - using a hand drill!!!!!
A far cry from the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway, as it is now.


The Ilkley Platform


Station and signalbox (which only contained a frame)


The former goods shed. A Bradford trolleybus is parked on the left.


The goods shed door was unlocked, revealing this Avonside industrial loco called Fred. (this still exists at Maldergem in Belgium)


Rail drilling, 1971 style!


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