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Report - Ex-Military(?) building on Alderney

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First go at a bit of exploration while over in the Channel Islands at Easter. I have been trying to dig up a bit of history to go with the photos but have drawn a blank. Interesting building that looks like it has been used as a holiday let/private residence but is now very much vacant.

The building is on an island and is seen on the right of this picture. There is a causway giving access at low tide, but the tide in the CI's is huge and we were here at the top of it.


We got over using the RIB. The island is very rocky and finding a place to tie up to was a challenge. Quite imposing as you approach



Had a good scout around the outside, but the main entry was very secure. Quite a few windows but most were 12ft plus off the ground.


did find a couple of promising ones


and finally got in, though there wasn't much inside and the internal doorways were also barred :(




And my favourite snap


Sorry i din't get any further in, an perhaps not the most inspring but my first go so figured it was worth posting. Hope it's not too mudane.
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As mentioned above it is Raz Island...

Resistance Nest 'Eilandfeste', Fort Raz

...was unique as the only resistance nest in Alderney to mount two 10.5cm K331 guns in type 670 casemates - one facing north-east and the other facing south-west. The former had been camouflaged with stone to resemble a Victorian caponier, and both were extremely difficult to identify on the aerial photographs. The other weapon of note in the position was a 20mm flak gun emplaced immediately to the north of the western 10.5cm gun

On the eastern tip of the fort, in the Victorian caponier, was a two-way 60cm searchlight position. Machine gun and weapons positions were distributed throughout the fort.