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Report - EX Tresham College Site Crane St Marys Rd-Kettering / Dec13

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So the old college was knocked down a while ago and loads of houses built in its place. They are now building a care home for the elderly which they have erected this little crane to aid with the build. Anyone who knows Kettering will know there isn't anything high in the town really so this is easily 1 of the highest points at the moment :thumb I ventured here yesterday to do the initial climb and just to check the access and exits and went back today with 28DL member FaZy UK to take more pictures. I climbed 1st to the top then FaZy followed, on the way up we were spotted and a neighbor called the police we see them coming for quite a distance then they pulled up at the site entrance and got out we sat up there for a moment then realized they knew exactly where we were and were waiting for us so we climbed back down. At the bottom they took our details and escorted us to the police station in Kettering where they spoke to us realized we knew the laws and let us go :D any way on to the pics it was a shame the police came as i didn't get as many good pics as i wanted :( I must add on both visits its been both wet and extremely windy so not best photo conditions hence some poor quality photos :(












Thanks for looking people :thumb
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